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Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40
Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40Докерская кожаная шапка бини DBH-40Докерская кожаная шапка бини DBH-40

Docker beanie leather hat DBH-40

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Wet cleaning outside
7-8 days
8-12 days

What could be more comfortable and cozy on a cold and windy autumn day? Perhaps it's hard to find better than this leather docker hat.

Made of soft genuine leather with corduroy lapel, the DBH-40 docker hat will protect your head well from bad weather, and in combination with the right clothes will make your style complete and unique.

Handcrafted, high quality in every detail, limited edition, natural materials - these are the signs that make this hat a really successful purchase!

The hat has 6 mm ventilation eyelets on the crown, so you will be comfortable even if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

Lining - soft natural cotton.

We will make it to order in any size.

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